Twiceme commits to global expansion of their Rescue Network

Sep 22, 2022

Since launching in 2017, Twiceme Technology has established a solid network of rescue teams from all over the world. It is through dialogue with these that the twICEme core concept looks as it does today. Now, Twiceme is committing to a global expansion of their Rescue Community.

Supported by rescue professionals worldwide

The core concept of twICEme relies on the experience of rescue professionals worldwide. Their input and feedback is invaluable on Twiceme Technology’s mission to create a global symbol for smart safety. Since launching in 2017, Twiceme Technology has established a solid network of rescue teams from all over the world. It is through dialogue with these that the twICEme app's design looks as it does today.

While Twiceme are careful to always emphasize that the most important thing is that end customers recognize and share knowledge about twICEme with each other, rescue is the very essence from which the concept springs and is therefore a relationship Twiceme will always work to nurture.

A history of great partnerships

Twiceme Technology has historically been part of educational activities with ambulance organizations like AISAB in Sweden, and is a proud partner of international organizations such as Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS) and International Committee of Alpine Rescue (ICAR). During the spring, twICEme participated in the FIPS congress in Val Thoréns through a representative from Ski Patrol Sweden. Among the attendees were teams from all over the world from both ski patrol and other ski safety organizations. twICEme will attend the ICAR annual conference in Montreux, Switzerland, as it has every year since the partnership was established.

These partnerships will remain important cornerstones of the work to be undertaken now when the company enters a new phase of  major investments in expanding their network of rescuers.

Growing the network further

Building awareness of twICEme among local rescue teams is a long-term effort, for which we are humble. Today Twiceme is working to grow its network through Rescue Ambassadors who in turn train their colleagues, and create understanding about twICEme in their local area - something that has had an exponential impact on the growth of the network so far. One example of this is the collaboration with Ski Patrol Sweden where all units are trained on how to use twICEme as a rescue tool. Every year, Junior Ski Patrol Day is organized at each local destination - an event sponsored by twICEme - and all destinations have also installed twICEme signs.

Installed twICEme signs at the Hemavan Tärnaby Resort, Sweden

Another example is twICEme’s work together with the mountain rescue and ski patrol teams at The Summit at Snoqualmie close to Seattle, WA in the US. Multiple dialogues with other key destinations and teams such as Norwegian Mountain Guides (NORDTIND), Mountain Rescue at Jackson Hole, WY, and the greater Yellowstone National Park area are currently underway.

Some feedback from the Rescue Community

”Arriving at an emergency scene, it is important for us to find out personal information about the injured person. Are you Finnish or Swedish? Have you lost your memory? And so on. I would say that this is just the kind of solution that we have asked for, where you can easily access a lot of information. It’s useful to everyone but especially to professional rescuers arriving at a scene of an accident.”

– Herman Fogelberg, Ski Patrol and Safety Officer, Sweden

”Rescue teams have become tech savvy. The more and the earlier we have information the better we can plan and coordinate a rescue response. Yes, we are relying on phones working to unlock the greatest potential whether this is for locating you, planning a chain of survival using sophisticated equipment and multiple agencies including helicopters or just to make sure that we can safely provide the best possible response.”

– Dr John Ellerton, Mountain Rescue and President of ICAR's Medical Division, UK

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