A free way to free-ride with Twiceme.

Twiceme protects sports enthusiasts around the world before and after an incident. We do that through integrated safety technology called Help the Helpers (HTH) Technology. Provide a frictionless experience and added safety before and after an incident for your customers.

A mountain biker with POC helmet doing tricks on a rock

Let's build a culture of safety.

We help make job sites safer, before and after incidents. We do that through preventative safety features ensuring gear integrity. Twiceme provides an affordable, easily integrated technology that enhances safety, offers speedy differentiation and sets you up as partners in safety.

Man with a construction helmet looking at the camera and smiling

Experience Next-Level Safety with Twiceme.

Discover the innovative safety technology that is revolutionizing the way we protect risk takers in moto sports. Empower your customers through smart safety without the hassle of charging or bluetooth.

A moto cross rider driving and turning towards the camera with a helmet

Helping the helpers saving lives every day.

These brave men and women are the starting point for everything we do and the keys to our success. They are our partners in safety. They often arrive at the scene not knowing who the person is or what happened. Every second counts.

A rescuer with orange helmet

Twiceme empowers users through smart safety.


Monitor equipment health and minimize accident implications.


Speed up emergencies and stay safe through community.

We turn bystanders into helpers.

Twiceme is committed to empowerment through safety. We understand the importance of confidence and that it is built on a foundation of safety. We created a smart technology that protects users before and after an incident.

Before an incident, we support prevention by offering users situational awareness and updates on the health of their equipment. After an incident, we support recovery by helping the helpers access essential information that saves time and helps save lives. We speak for the risk takers when they aren’t able to speak for themselves.

Sentiment is everything for safety brands. The Twiceme logo is a symbol of a safer and more human organization. So don’t feel helpless. Learn to look for the Twiceme symbol on equipment and do the most human thing of all – help.

Preventative Features

Equipment health inspection, product inspection, user insights, and more.

Recovery Features

Rescue alert, friends alert, get back timer, integrated medical ID and more for added safety.

Two road cyclist cycling towards the camera and laughing

Partner Testimonials.

Twiceme collaborates with world-leading brands across the world. Here's what some of them have to say about why they work with us.

This partnership will prove fruitful not only for the immediate protection of riders, but also in providing a glimpse into the future of sport as we know it.

Ryan Saylor

SVP Product Development, Oakley

Enabling a quicker, easier and more efficient action of the first responder definetely seems like a great way to improve the safety of the skiers and snowboarders.

Nicolas Defude

Product Manager, Julbo

Safety in mountain sports has always been Mammut’s key objective. We are delighted to take this one step further by integrating Twiceme in our climbing and skiing helmet.

Thomas Hodel

Head of Equipment and Footwear, Mammut

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Unlocking Safety Potential.

Discover how Twiceme is transforming safety in real-world scenarios. Our integrated technology provide preventative and emergency safety features for risk takers in sports and construction.

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Mountain bike rider looking into the camera with a full face helmet

Featured articles.

Stay up to date with our latest articles

March 26, 2024

Chris Sackett: Twiceme’s advisor and one of the most influential leaders in the action sports industry

We had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Sackett, former VP of Bell Helmets and President for Fasthouse, to discuss market trends, the future of the motorcycle and bike industry, and where he sees Twiceme fit into that future. Chris Sackett works closely with us as an advisor.
January 25, 2024

Twiceme Partners with the National Ski Patrol (NSP) to Elevate Safety and Rescue Solutions

Twiceme, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with the National Ski Patrol (NSP) of the United States. This collaboration not only exemplifies Twiceme's dedication to aligning with influential global rescue organizations but also serves as a pivotal step in raising awareness.
January 5, 2024

Twiceme Features: the Safety Net for Skiers and Snowboarders in 2024

Now that the ski resorts have filled up with adventurous skiers and snowboarders as the snow sports season is in full swing, injuries have become an inevitable consequence. Although the complete elimination of accidents on the slopes is unlikely, numerous brands have implemented new technologies...
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