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Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding twICEme? We have got the answers.
Is it free to use the twICEme app?

Yes, it is completely free to use at all times and in all situations.

Do I need to register or sign up to use the twICEme app?

No, it is free to use for everyone who accepts the End User Licence Agreement that are presented the first time you open the app.

Can I access the safety info on twICEme without the app?

If you have uploaded a profile to your equipment with the twICEme app version 5.0 or later, you are able to access the info without any app using NFC enabled iPhones and Androids.

Please note that if you have uploaded a profile to your twICEme equipped gear before January 2023, please re-upload it using the recent update of the twICEme app. Due to a major technical development, this step is essential to make it work seamlessly.

Do I need any internet connection to access the safety info on twICEme?

For iPhones with the app: No
For iPhones without the app: Yes
For Androids with the app: No
For Androids without the app: Yes

I have an iPhone 7,8 or X, how to use the NFC background scan functionality?

Since Apple didn't prepare those models with a native background scan functionality, you need to scroll up or down (depending on model) the control center and tap the "NFC Tag Reader" button to activate the background scan functionality.

Is it possible to delete a profile on my twICEme equipped gear?

Yes, by using the twICEme app.

Can I change the information uploaded to my twICEme equipped gear?

Yes, by using the twICEme app.

Can I store several profiles in the twICEme app?

Yes. You are then able to quickly change which profile you want to upload on the equipment so that it matches the person who uses it.

Interaction with a twICEme equipment
How does a smartphone interact with the twICEme enhanced equipment?

Place your NFC antenna on your phone directly on top of the twICEme symbol, the same way you pay with your phone, for example.

What do I need to access the information on twICEme?

You need an NFC enabled smartphone.

Do I need any mobile network or internet connection to access the safety info uploaded to  twICEme enhanced equipment?

When using the twICEme app, you can access the safety info uploaded to the equipment without having any mobile network or internet connection.

How long is the reading distance between the integrated twICEme device on your equipment and the smartphone?

~10 mm.

Do I need to charge my twICEme gear?

No, the device does not contain any batteries so no charging is needed.

Information & Data Privacy
Who has decided what type of information that can be uploaded on twICEme?

The safety information that a user can upload on twICEme has carefully been evaluated in consultation with ambulance and rescue professionals.

Does the twICEme app collect personal data of their user?

The Company will monitor your use in an anonymous way, by using a method that will not identify you as a person, in order to make the Application more user friendly. The Company does not and cannot, in any other way, monitor your access, save, record, transfer or in any other way process the data you process in your hand-held mobile device using the Application or the NFC hardware, including but not limited to personal data as defined in the EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. For more info, please visit our End User Licence Agreement here.

App troubleshooting

Any problems with the app? We are here to help you.
Update your smartphone and the app

Easiest solution to most problems with the app will always be:

• to update the operative system on your smartphone
• to update the app to the latest version in App Store or Google Play

Nothing happens when I scan

In order to use twICEme, you need to place the NFC antenna on your smartphone directly on top of the twICEme symbol on the equipment within 10 mm. Also, please take into consideration:
- The placement of NFC antennas may differ from different smartphone brands and models
- Avoid thick cases on your smartphone

No menu button on iPhone

Your operative system on your iPhone is too old, hence all NFC functionalities hasn't been updated. Please update to at least iOS 13 and update the twICEme app.

“NFC hardware not found” message

If you get the warning NFC hardware not found, the NFC functionality on your smartphone is switched off. If you have e.g. an updated Android smartphone, you can turn it on by going to: Settings -> Connected Devices -> Connection Preferences -> NFC.

Still experiencing problems?

Please contact us at and we will do everything we can to help you.


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