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Do you have any questions regarding twICEme? We have got the answers.
Is it free to use the twICeme app?

Yes, it is completely free to use at all times and in all situations.

Do I need to register or sign up to use the twICEme app?

No, it is free to use for everyone who accepts the Terms & Conditions that are presented the first time you open the app.

Do I need the twICEme app to read the information stored on the integrated device?

On Android smartphones, it is possible to read the information through the background scan function (without any app). On iPhones, you can use any NFC reading app (but you need an app). The information will then be presented in a text string in both cases.

Is it possible to delete a profile on the integrated twICEme device?

Yes, by using the twICEme app.

Can I change the information uploaded to the integrated twICEme device?

Yes, by using the twICEme app.

Can I store several profiles in the app?

Yes. You are then able to quickly change which profile you want to upload on the equipment so that it matches the person who uses it.

twICEme equipment and a smartphone
How does a smartphone interact with the integrated twICEme device?

Through inductive coupling, the electricity from the smartphone wakes up the inactive device that is integrated into the equipment.

What do I need to access the information on twICEme?

You need an NFC enabled device e.g. a smartphone.

Do I need any mobile network or internet connection to use twICEme?

No, the information is locally stored (no cloud service involved) on the integrated device and is accessible without GSM, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G using an NFC enabled device.

How long is the reading distance between the integrated twICEme device and the smartphone?

15 mm.

How long does it take to access the information uploaded to twICEme?

It takes just milliseconds to read or upload information.

Community of twICEme users
In what way can the first people on the scene of an accident take actions using twICEme?

The first people on the scene of an accident can take action by using information from twICEme and forward vital information when for example calling SOS services. By doing so, the rescue professionals that will arrive to the scene of an accident can be more prepared when seconds matter.

Are ambulance and rescue professionals worldwide informed about twICEme?

We are continuously working on spreading the knowledge about twICEme to rescue professionals worldwide. Firstly, we do this by informing overarching ambulance and rescue organizations. Secondly, we are sending out free information kits including a demo helmet and a manual of how to use it to local ambulance and rescue organizations.

Please note that we inform rescue professionals to the best of our efforts, and can thereby never guarantee that a specific rescue professional knows about twICEme and how to use it.

Data privacy
Does twICEme collect any personal data of their user?

No, twICEme does not store or handle any personal data that the user submits to the application. Hence, twICEme fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more info, please visit our privacy policy here.

Is there any cloud service involved when using twICEme?

No, a created profile is locally saved in user’s twICEme app. Additionally, the information uploaded to the equipment is then locally stored in the integrated twICEme device. Hence, no cloud service is involved.

Information on twICEme
Who has decided what type of information that can be uploaded on twICEme?

The information that a user can upload on twICEme has carefully been evaluated together with ambulance and rescue professionals.

Will the information that can be uploaded on twICEme be changed over time?

By continuously receiving feedback from the ambulance- and rescue professionals, we aim to always improve our services based on their expertise. For this reason, the information can be changed over time.

Integrated twICEme device
The integrated twICEme device is based on NFC technology, what’s that?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a short-range wireless technology that enables simple and secure communication between electronic devices.

What is the size of the integrated twICEme device?

It has a circular shape with a size of 30 mm in diameter, is 1 mm thick and weighs 1 g.

Does the twICEme device need a battery?

No, the device does not contain any batteries.

What’s the estimated lifetime of a twICEme device?

The estimated lifetime of a device is 500 000 reading sessions which is calculated to be 10 years of intense usage.

What temperatures can the twICEme device handle?

It will work at temperatures ranging from -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to 131°F). In manufacturing processes, the device can handle being exposed to very high pressure and high temperatures for the short while during for example an in-mould process.

App troubleshooting

Any problems with the app? We are here to help you.
Update your smartphone and the app

Easiest solution to most problems with the app will always be:

• to update the operative system on your smartphone
• to update the app to the latest version in App Store or Google Play

Nothing happens when I scan

In order to scan twICEme, you need to place the NFC antenna of your smartphone within 15mm of the device. Having a thick phone case can be the reason of not being able to scan. Please be aware that the NFC antenna may be located in different areas on the smartphone depending on which model you have.

No menu button on iPhone

Older versions of iOS do not support the NFC write function. Therefore, no menu is available. By updating your iPhone to iOS 13, you will enable all NFC functionalities. Please note that beta versions of upcoming operative systems may consequently unable standard functions in the app.

Can I scan without the twICEme app?

On Android smartphone, you can read the information on twICEme without the app using the background scan functionality. On iPhone, you can use any NFC reading app.

“NFC hardware not found” message

If you get the warning “NFC hardware not found”, the NFC functionality on your smartphone is switched off. If you have e.g. an updated Android smartphone, you can turn it on by going to:”Settings” -> ”Connected Devices” -> ”Connection Preferences” -> “NFC” and set it to “on”.

Still experiencing problems?

Please contact us at and we will do everything we can to help you.


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