Protecting risk takers before and after an incident with HTH Technology.

Twiceme's smart safety technology protects risk takers with integrated Help the Helpers (HTH) technology. We provide preventative and emergency safety features for sports and construction.

Friends on bikes looking at the horizon in a sunset

The value of integrating Twiceme.

Through an easy integration Twiceme opens up opportunities previously impossible.

Person working on a helmet design in a factory
Step 1

Integrate Twiceme into any equipment

Twiceme slides into any product line, usually requiring little-to-no retooling. Based on the next generation of NFC+.

A helmet with the Twiceme logo
Step 2

Enhance product value without hassle

Equipment on the market increases in usability and value over time through continuous updates to the hardware and software.

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Step 3

Engage users through community of safety

Twiceme sole focus is to build a community of Helpers, resulting in safer adventures and closer bond with the brand.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature dashboards
Step 4

Access safety-critical, anonymized data

As a result of being a digital ingredient brand, we help brands understand the safety needs of their customers. Safer products means safer adventures.

Immediate benefits in critical situations.

Our emergency safety features are designed to provide quick response capabilities, ensuring your safety in critical situations.

Rescue Alert: Alert local and national emergency services

Friends Alert: Follow and alert friends in map view with 2-way beacon

Get Back Timer: Set area and time, alert emergency contacts

Integrated Medical ID: Store vital information, diseases, contacts and more. Securely offline.

Automatic Alert: Coming soon in beta

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Get back timer
Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Equipment health

Enhance and make safer equipment.

Our preventative safety features are designed to ensure equipment health and maintenance. With features like equipment health inspection, product inspection, and user insights, we help our partners maintain the highest safety standards.

Equipment Health: Monitor and maintain equipment performance

Product Inspection: Ensure product quality and safety standards

User Insights: Gain valuable insights to improve safety measures

Access market leading insights.

Understand your customers through anonymized and aggregated data to make safer products and plan marketing initatives.


Product insights for safer products

Anonymized data helping to make safer products tailored to the people using it.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature product data insights
Increase ROI

Marketing initiatives

Understand cohorts that represents your best, most loyal customers.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature marketing data on a tablet

Sales operations

Learn your best products and markets to plan for sales efforts.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature sales data insights

Upcoming additions to HTH Technology.

Coming functionalities that aims to protect people before and after incidents

Motocross rider driving in a curve

Automatic alert

Detects if you become incapacitated and automatically sends an alert to your loved ones, with the critical information.

Two mountain bikers looking at the phone where the Twiceme app is open

Heatmap of Helpers

The ability to alert helpers within a specified area to get help faster than ever before. Opt in or out to be part of the community.

Two construction helmets from Guardio on a table with a phone where the Twiceme app is open

Inventory management

Safety is paramount for contractors, we understand. Use Twiceme to keep track of equipment's life cycles and which products are on the site.

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Integrating Twiceme for enhanced safety.

Discover our range of equipment that integrate Twiceme technology, providing advanced safety features for various industries.


Browse all cutting-edge products that incorporate Twiceme technology for ultimate safety.

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Find out how our technology revolutionizes safety in various industries and applications.

Climbers climbing a mountain in the summer, currently on a ridge with the sun in the back
A ski girl looking into the camera and smiling carrying skis
Since 2001, we have been creating our helmets at Salomon to improve the safety of those doing the sports we love. While traditionally, helmets have only been able to protect people from head injuries, Twiceme makes our helmet safety more holistic

Chris Bellamy

Marketing & Concept Manager, Salomon


Find answers to common questions about our technology, its applications, and its benefits.

How does it work?

Our technology utilizes next generation NFC+ for secure offline storage, combined with a powerful application that offers various features. It provides preventative safety measures as well as emergency safety features.

What are the preventative features?

Our preventative features include equipment health inspection, product inspection, user insights, and more. These features help ensure the safety and well-being of users.

What are the emergency features?

Our emergency features include rescue alert, friends alert, get back timer, and automatic alert. These features enable quick response in case of emergencies and provide peace of mind.

What's planned for coming developments?

We have exciting new features planned for 2024. Stay tuned for updates and advancements in our technology.

How can I get started?

To get started, download our app and explore the products integrated with Twiceme. Experience the enhanced safety and peace of mind our technology provides.