Enhancing Rescue Operations.

Discover how Twiceme technology can help in speeding up rescue scenarios.

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Five firefighters in orange helmets and vests, equipped with ropes and equipment, are working together to transport an injured person on an orange ambulance on a rocky hillside, surrounded by trees and bushes.

Twiceme stores users vital info.

Save time during emergencies with Twiceme's integrated HTH technology and app. Locally stored information for maximum security, no safety information is shared online. Not even when accessing the information. Maximum protection and ease-of-use.

Medical info

Users can share important allergies, diseases, and more.

Emergency contacts

By accessing their profiles, emergency contacts can be alerted.

Personal ID

Personal identification and passport information securely stored.

Insurance info

To receive care immediately, insurance info can be accessed.

How to get started.

Use Twiceme in rescue scenarios in a few simple steps. Explore the app for maximum value and more features to stay safe.

Two mountain bikers looking at the phone where the Twiceme app is open
Step 1

Download the app

Be prepared by downloading the app and exploring the functionalities.

A helmet with the Twiceme logo
Step 2

Look for the symbol

Being integrated into 100+ models by world-leading brands means you'll likely see the symbol on a person, if you haven't already.

A Twiceme helmet logo being scanned by a smartphone with medical information presented
Step 3

Scan the symbol

Twiceme works by activating the NFC scanner on your smartphone. Activate it in the app for best user experience. Also works without app.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Rescue alert
Step 4

Take action faster

Access the locally stored information on the equipment to provide better care, faster.

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Arriving at an emergency scene, it is important for us to find out personal information about the injured person. Are you Finnish or Swedish? Have you lost your memory? And so on.

I would say that this is just the kind of solution that we have asked for, where you can easily access a lot of information. It’s useful to everyone but especially to professional rescuers arriving at a scene of an accident.
A ski patroller, rescuer, looking at the camera

Herman Fogelberg

Ski Patroller, Sweden

Twiceme speeds up rescue scenarios.

Twiceme aims to arm bystanders with the tools to become Helpers. Which can speed up rescue scenarios and make it easier for rescue professionals to help faster. If you or you're part of an organization that wants to work closer with us, we have a rescue collaboration program. Feel free to reach out to us in the form below.

Download an Information manual.

Click the documents below to access downloadable assets for printing. Use it to share with your fellow rescuers on how to get started with Twiceme in your organization.

Three men in helmets and orange vests, with one wearing a white shirt, are engaged in a cycling activity, possibly preparing for a race or participating in a group ride, surrounded by trees and a forested area.
Get started manual.
A quick start guide for implementing Twiceme in your rescue organization.
A man in a blue helmet and yellow jacket, smiling and posing for a photo on a snowy mountain, wears a blue and green "X" on his face, indicating he's ready to ski.
One-pager with quick information on Twiceme.
A group of helmeted individuals, including a man in a white shirt and orange helmet with a green visor, stand in a line, possibly at a cycling event or race, with a blurred background of other cyclists and spectators.
Rescue flyer.
Short flyer describing the main points of Twiceme.


Learn about Twiceme and how it helps rescuers in emergency scenarios.

How does the technology work?

Our technology is based on next generation NFC and is integrated into personal helmets and equipment for sports and construction. It provides preventative safety features, as well as emergency safety features like rescue alerts and medical ID. By activating the scanner through the Twiceme app and hovering your smartphone over the Twiceme symbol, you can access the locally stored information uploaded by the wearer.

Do I need to download the app? Anything else?

Using the Twiceme app increases the user experience and allows you to access uploaded information even without internet connection. Twiceme can be used without the app to access the locally stored information, but requires internet connection in that scenario. Important, however, is that in none of these cases does the information sync to any cloud. It's only the HTML code that's downloaded from the internet to present the information, if you don't have the app. Nothing else is needed to use and take action in rescue operations.

Do you have a rescue ambassador program? Can we work more closely with you?

Yes. We have both a rescue ambassador program for rescuers wanting to spread awareness around our technology and how it can aid in rescue operations. We also work with larger organisations, as well as small and local organisations. Such as ski resorts and bike resorts. We also have a "sign program" where destinations can add our signs, showing customers that they know how to use Twiceme and use it in their work.

What's the likelihood I'll see someone on the slope with Twiceme?

It's increasing fast, since Twiceme is now integrated in 100+ PPE models, with around 1M products sold and on the market. With one of the largest end-user communities in the industry, interacting with our app and tech throughout the year and seasons, the likelihood increases continuously.

How can I get started with the technology?

To get started with our technology, you can contact us below for more information, explore our products containing Twiceme, and download the app.

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Have questions or want to collaborate? Contact us now!

Kronobergsgatan 21, Stockholm, Sweden
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