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Partner Testimonials.

Hear what our partners have to say about us

This partnership will prove fruitful not only for the immediate protection of riders, but also in providing a glimpse into the future of sport as we know it.

Ryan Saylor

SVP Product Development, Oakley

Enabling a quicker, easier and more efficient action of the first responder definetely seems definetely a great way to improve the safety of the skiers and snowboarders.

Nicolas Defude

Product Manager, Julbo

Safety in mountain sports has always been Mammut’s key objective. We are delighted to take this one step further by integrating Twiceme in our climbing and skiing helmet.

Thomas Hodel

Head of Equipment and Footwear, Mammut

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Skier skiing down the slope in deep snow with the sunset in the background


Find answers to common questions about products, including compatibility, maintenance, and technology specifics.

Is Twiceme compatible with all helmets?

Twiceme is designed to be compatible with most helmets and PPE on the market. Our technology can be seamlessly integrated into the helmet's existing structure and, usually, slide into any mold and process.

How often should I maintain my Twiceme-enabled helmet?

Regular maintenance is important to ensure optimal performance of your Twiceme-enabled helmet. We recommend following the manufacturer's guidelines for helmet maintenance. That's why we developed Equipment Health for helmets, which helps you remember how long you've used the helmet, when it's time to evaluate it, what to look for, and more.

What are the technology specifics of Twiceme?

Twiceme utilizes next-generation NFC technology for secure offline storage. Our powerful application provides additional features and functionalities to enhance safety.

How can I purchase Twiceme-enabled products?

To purchase Twiceme-enabled products, please visit one of our partner's websites. Find all launched products on the equipment page.