We've turned bystanders into helpers since 2017.

We empower first responders with critical, time saving information.
We empower sports enthusiasts to dare confidently.
We empower construction workers to build our world with peace of mind.

Our aspiration, our North Star, the dent we will make in the universe.

Twiceme is a Swedish company, est. in 2017, dedicated to turning bystanders into Helpers all over the world. By embracing the philosophy that Helping is Human, we aspire to inspire bystanders to act on the most human instinct of all - to help others.

Twiceme is committed to empowerment through safety. We understand the importance of confidence and that it is built on a foundation of safety. We created a smart technology that protects users before and after an incident.

Before an incident, we support prevention by offering users situational awareness and updates on the health of their equipment. After an incident, we support recovery by helping the helpers access essential information that saves time and helps save lives. We speak for the risk takers when they aren’t able to speak for themselves.

Sentiment is everything for safety brands. The Twiceme logo is a symbol of a safer and more human organization. So don’t feel helpless. Learn to look for the Twiceme symbol on equipment and do the most human thing of all – help.

Two cyclists ride down a tree-lined road, smiling and enjoying their ride, with the text "Helpers = Heroes" above them, creating a joyful and adventurous atmosphere.

Achievements by the numbers.

Since the beginning of the Twiceme journey, we've achieved some impressive numbers. But we're nowhere near where we want to be - to make everyone performing sports or work environments safer by turning bystanders into helpers.

Products on the market
World-leading brands on board
Products launched or planned
CAGR in end-user community
A bold, green, cursive text "Helping is human" is centered on a black background, emphasizing its importance and making it the focal point of the image.

Essential attributes that set our offering apart.

Light Weight / Durable / Un-powered / Zero Maintenance/ Multi-Activity Applications / Seamless Integration


Being perceived as a safer, more human brand matters more than ever in today’s consumer landscape.


Fast, easy, cost effective integration means speed to market and rapid differentiation.


Access to anonymized data that sheds light on equipment health and usage patterns.