Enhancing Safety Proactively.

Discover the preventative features of Twiceme technology that prioritize safety and proactive measures.

Prevention features in HTH Technology.

A quick look at how HTH Technology aims to protect lives before incidents

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Product inspection
Gear integrity

Product inspection

Inspect equipment at construction sites for compliance and safety. Sign and export in-app.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Equipment health

Equipment health

Perform self-checks on sports gear to follow recommended guidelines by the manufacturer.

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Insights dashboards

Learn important insights about customers through compliant and anonymized dashboards.

Equipment Health for Helmets.

The Equipment Health Inspection feature utilizes Twiceme to thoroughly inspect and monitor the integrity of personal helmets and gear. By regularly checking for any signs of wear, damage, or malfunctions, users can ensure that their equipment is in optimal condition, minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting overall safety.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Equipment health
Stay Protected

Intuitive evaluation for gear integrity

Ensure gear integrity by allowing your users to go through a yearly questionnaire, developed to be as easy and intuitive as helpful.

A girl holding a Dainese Linea 01 helmet and pointing out the Twiceme symbol
Be prepared

Yearly reminders to ensure the safety of equipment

Forgetting to check the equipment regularly is the first pitfall in staying safe. Through gentle nudges, we help users to stay on top of this.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Equipment health
Industry experts

Co-developed questionnaire with industry experts

Our world-leading partners have immense knowledge in what's important for customers to look for. Through Twiceme it's easy for customers to follow the instructions.

Construction worker sitting on a car trunk

On the importance of checking equipment.

A lot of users wear their helmets for long periods of time, without putting too much thought into how they're using it, how long they've used it, or what to look for to evaluate a helmet. In fact, we see a lot of users reports issues with gear integrity already after the first year of using it.

of Twiceme users report defective equipment already after the first year of usage. Twiceme allows them to understand their equipment better.
5 years
is the average lifetime of a sports helmet. For construction helmets it's 10. How many of your users remember this and keep track of it?

Product Inspection for Fall-protection Harnesses.

Our Product Inspection feature ensures that equipment meets safety standards through regular checks. By conducting thorough inspections, we help prevent accidents and ensure the reliability of our technology.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Product inspection
Always compliant

Inspect and sign easily in-app

Whether your site has ten or thousands of harnesses compatible with Twiceme, inspect them fast and in compliant ways according to the manufacturers guidelines.

Construction worker with a helmet smiling towards the camera
For the experts

Developed for competent persons

Together with industry experts and large contractors, we developed a tool that allows them to stay compliant through Twiceme.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Product inspection signing
Store and follow up

Export and store the documents

Export to PDF, Excel or both seamlessly from the app to larger systems or databases.

User insights dashboards.

Discover how Twiceme helps brands through anonymized data to enhance safety measures and drive product innovation.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature product data insights
Product innovation

Product insights for safer equipment

Gain valuable user insights to optimize safety and performance. Without the correct analysis of anonymized usage data, it's impossible to truly understand what makes users safe.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature marketing data on a tablet
Razor sharp marketing

Marketing insights for enhanced campaigns.

Leverage data-driven strategies to improve marketing initiatives and deliver return on investment. Most companies are in the dark after a sale has happened. That ends today.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature sales data insights
Return on investment

Sales insights for targeted outreach.

Especially prevalent in the construction industry, it's crucial to know when and how to outreach to partners where new equipment is needed.

Upcoming additions to HTH Technology.

Upcoming functionalities that aims to protect people before and after incidents

Motocross rider driving in a curve

Automatic alert

Detects if you become incapacitated and automatically sends an alert to your loved ones, with the critical information.

Two mountain bikers looking at the phone where the Twiceme app is open

Heatmap of Helpers

The ability to alert helpers within a specified area to get help faster than ever before. Opt in or out to be part of the community.

Two construction helmets from Guardio on a table with a phone where the Twiceme app is open

Inventory management

Safety is paramount for contractors, we understand. Use Twiceme to keep track of equipment's life cycles and which products are on the site.

Safety technology like Twiceme helps us as first responders to give better care based on accurate medical data and prepares the next level in the chain of caregivers just before we get in contact with the patient. Every time we have to work with kids who are involved in an accident or get lost, easy accessibility of personal information would be a major timesaver.

Mark Orzech

Professional Ski Patroller, US

Our recovery features.

Discover the features of Twiceme technology that protect you in critical situations.

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