Our Partners Collaborate for Safety.

Discover how Twiceme partners with leading equipment producers to advance safety technology.

Partner Testimonials.

Twiceme collaborates with world-leading brands across the world. Here's what some of them have to say about why they work with us.

This partnership will prove fruitful not only for the immediate protection of riders, but also in providing a glimpse into the future of sport as we know it.

Ryan Saylor

SVP Product Development, Oakley

Enabling a quicker, easier and more efficient action of the first responder definetely seems like a great way to improve the safety of the skiers and snowboarders.

Nicolas Defude

Product Manager, Julbo

Safety in mountain sports has always been Mammut’s key objective. We are delighted to take this one step further by integrating Twiceme in our climbing and skiing helmet.

Thomas Hodel

Head of Equipment and Footwear, Mammut

Our aspiration, our North Star, the dent we will make in the universe.

Twiceme is a Swedish company, est. in 2017, dedicated to turning bystanders into Helpers all over the world. By embracing the philosophy that Helping is Human, we aspire to inspire bystanders to act on the most human instict of all - to help others.

Twiceme is committed to empowerment though safety. We understand the importance of confidence and that it is built on a foundation of safety. We created a smart technology that protects users before and after an incident.

Before an incident, we support prevention by offering users situational awareness and updates on the health of their equipment. After an incident, we support recovery by helping the helpers access essential information that saves time and helps save lives. We speak for the risk takers when they aren’t able to speak for themselves.

Sentiment is everything for safety brands. The Twiceme logo is a symbol of a safer and more human organization. So don’t feel helpless. Learn to look for the Twiceme symbol on equipment and do the most human thing of all – help.

A girl riding a Cake electric motorcycle with the sunset in the background

Our Help the Helpers (HTH) Features.

Twiceme is constantly improving and developing new functionalities. Through in-depth market research with industry experts, Helpers, and rescuers, we're building the safety tool of tomorrow. Explore some of them below.

A Twiceme helmet logo being scanned by a smartphone with medical information presented

Medical ID

Securely stored medical ID. Completely offline. Share as much information as you want, to allow bystanders and rescuers to take better actions in helping you.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Rescue alert

Rescue alert

Ensures immediate help in emergency situations from local ski and bike patrollers at over 200+ destinations around the globe.

Illustration of the Twiceme app

Friends alert

View and communicate with friends in real-time whether an incident happens or there's a need to get in contact with others. Send out distress messages and share geolocation in an instance.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Get back timer

Get back timer

Set the return time and go out, an alert will be sent out to emergency contacts with the last-known location if you're not back and safe.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Product inspection

Product inspection

Inspect equipment at construction sites for compliance and safety. Sign and export in-app.

Illustration of the Twiceme app and the feature Equipment health

Equipment health

Perform self-checks on sports gear to follow recommended guidelines by the manufacturer.

Twiceme stores users vital info

Save time during emergencies with Twiceme's integrated HTH technology and app. Locally stored information for maximum security, no safety information is shared online. Not even when accessing the information. Maximum protection and ease-of-use.

Medical info

Users can share important allergies, diseases, and more.

Emergency contacts

By accessing their profiles, emergency contacts can be alerted.

Personal ID

Personal identification and passport information securely stored.

Insurance info

To receive care immediately, insurance info can be accessed.

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Find answers to common questions about our technology, integration process, and partnership terms.

How does it work?

Our technology is integrated into personal helmets and equipment for sports and construction. It uses next generation NFC for secure offline storage and comes with a powerful application with added features.

What are the benefits?

By integrating our technology, partners can offer their customers advanced safety features such as equipment health inspection, product inspection, user insights, and more.

How can we integrate?

Integrating our technology into your products is a straightforward process. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless integration and provide the necessary support.

What are the partnership terms?

We offer flexible partnership terms tailored to the needs of our partners. Contact us to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

Can I get a demo?

Yes, we offer demos of our technology. Contact us to schedule a demo and see how our solution can benefit your business.