How twICEme plans to make smart safety a reality

Mar 9, 2022

With people at heart, we are continuously striving for safer adventures and workplaces. We don’t settle for safe. We strive for the safest possible. We want to do better. Be safer. Therefore, we are now setting the future direction of our journey to make smart safety a reality.

The future is smart

The idea of smart safety equipment began as a response to the market’s demand for accessible safety information. For three years, we have listened, explored and responded to the market’s demand for additional safety features to create a holistic offering. The result is that today, we are convinced that the future of safety equipment is smart.

Not too long ago, the sight of someone wearing a helmet on the slopes or on the bike was considered quite unusual. Today, wearing safety equipment is the norm. And ten years from now, the market indicates that safety equipment will also be smart.

Proven concept in the market

We have acknowledged the product developers’ expressed demand for an easy-to-use tech feature that increases the safety of products. At the same time, we have taken in and acted in response to the rescue community’s request for a global standard for accessible safety info, which we are now in the process of building. Lastly, we have listened to the end-users who inquire for more safety in their equipment - without compromising the user experience. That’s why you don’t have to charge twICEme, no sign-up in the app is needed and you can access the safety info both with or without the app. To get to the point - we have basically proven the concept to the market and today, Twiceme Technology provides a groundbreaking, easy-to-integrate technology for a low cost that brings equipment to life, and makes safety smart.

The time for smart safety is already here

Now we are entering a new phase. Twiceme Technology is on a journey to make smart safety a reality - and we want to drive the movement and innovation that leads to that change.

That's why we are now accelerating the pace of innovation. Why do we do it? To make people safer.
Given that our innovation budget is 10 times larger than last year - 2022 is the year of innovation. And it doesn’t end there. We will always innovate to make people safer.

Our way forward  

Step 1. Create the most seamless user experience

Step 2. Develop brilliant safety features to an extended platform to broaden the offer and make the app more relevant to a wider audience.
Step 3
.  Create and add excellent, embedded services for safer adventures & workplaces. At this point, we want to bring our communities together and let them connect through our hub for safety.
In summary, we currently have 14 brands on board. By 2025, we aim to become a hub for #smartsafety, knowledge sharing and community. And that's just the beginning.

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