Twiceme 2021 recap: A 5 year anniversary worth celebrating

Another year has gone by for Twiceme. The year has been very successful but has not been without its challenges. Read more about the year that has gone by in this yearly recap going through important updates to the Twiceme universe.

Published on:
January 4, 2022
Updated on:
January 17, 2024

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Yet another different year has come to an end. Despite the special circumstances, it’s mainly been a year characterized by hope and anticipation for Twiceme Technology. We are grateful for all the things we’ve managed to achieve, and it’s with a deep sense of gratitude that we look back on the past year. Our CEO Christian Connolly wrote a piece that guides you through it, bit by bit.

An exciting year

If 2020 was a year of learnings, 2021 taught us a few things about expansion. We started off strong. During 2021, 7 new brands chose to join the Twiceme Family. We were proud to welcome brands like Salomon, Dainese, Julbo and Everest in the sport segment along with Zero Height Safety and in the professional safety segment. Last year, that number was 4, and proud is an understatement by the way. We were convinced that the growth was a result of good strategic execution and a great effort by everyone involved.

A significant step forward during the first quarter was the launch of the App Clip functionality, which allows twICEme® equipment to be scanned without the twICEme® app installed. As Armstrong would put it; One small step for man, one giant leap the twICEme® concept. Moreover, Twiceme Technology sponsored the Junior Ski Patrol Days in Sweden where future ski patrollers were taught how to access safety information via twICEme® equipment. The event was a success and the response both from children and professional rescuers was overwhelmingly positive.

The year did not end there. Spring arrived and the bike season kicked off. During the second quarter, the French outdoor giant Salomon signed a partnership agreement with Twiceme. Looking to make people safer, joining forces with Salomon was a major milestone for us. We believe that collaborations with strong brands will help us grow the Twiceme community and bring it to life.

Summer was sweet. We juggled never-before-seen volumes of orders stopping only for ice cream breaks. In August we expanded our team with another super recruitment as Vilda Forsén, former brand manager at Absolut Company with a background in graphic design, entered as Marketing Manager. Her major mission is to get the word going about Twiceme - and we are so excited to see what we together can achieve in the long run. We strongly believe that Vilda, with all her skills and genuine dedication to outdoor sports, will be a strong piece in the Twiceme puzzle.

No wonder the third quarter was the strongest so far in the history of Twiceme Technology.

Expanding team

Fall went by so fast and in December, we could finally welcome yet another two (!) members to the team. Daniel Westerholm, with a background in IT and a master in industrial engineering, will join the team as Business Developer, and Linnea Koistinen will assume the role as PR & Communication Manager. Linnea has a B.A in Strategic Communications and most recently worked at the Swedish network operator Halebop as Product Manager. Daniel will work on improving the user experience of the twICEme® concept to increase the feeling of safety for end users. Linnea’s mission is to make it clearer to the end user who Twiceme is as a brand, and what the benefits are of using twICEme®.

As we increase our workforce, we have high hopes on what we will be able to achieve in terms of increasing people’s safety by reinventing smart safety equipment. We are better together.

twICEme® gear of the year

Out of all twICEme®-featured products, POC’s MTB helmet Kortal MIPS was first out to be launched this year. Studson also received their safety helmets from the factory. Not only has the response from contractors in the US been overwhelmingly positive, the Studson helmet also won Fast company's design price (which literally made us jump for joy!). On the construction side, we were also proud to see the launch of Zero’s Pinnacle and Guardio’s electricity certified helmet. Moreover, Fallsafe launched twICEme® in most of their harnesses.

In addition to that, Dainese went live with their Linea 01 - the world’s lightest full face DH helmet so far, and Linea 03 - a premium MTB helmet featuring twICEme®. In time for the winter season, the Swedish brand Everest launched their first smart ski helmet Freeride.

Our belief is that the more products that feature twICEme®, the closer we get to making our vision of making people safer a reality. That’s why all of the above mentioned products, those that are already live and those to come are important to us.

Some final words

When it comes to Twiceme Technology’s journey towards becoming a global symbol for safety information and a trusted partner that reinvents safety equipment, we have come quite a way during 2021. Expansion was the theme of the year. That is what I call a 5 year anniversary worth celebrating. It makes me proud, and excited about what the future holds for Twiceme Technology. This year might be coming to an end but we have just gotten started.

A big thank you to all our partners and a special thank you to our community, which is growing day by day.

On behalf of the Twiceme Family, I’d like to wish you all a happy new year!

Stay safe.

/Christian Connolly, CEO

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