Twiceme Comes to Life at Eurobike

We recently had the privilege of participating in the Eurobike expo, with the opportunity to showcase our latest developments. The event provided a platform for bicycle enthusiasts, industry professionals, and innovators from around the world to come together.

Published on:
July 7, 2023
Updated on:
January 18, 2024

Dear Twiceme Community,

We recently had the privilege of participating in the Eurobike expo, with the opportunity to showcase our latest developments. The event provided a platform for bicycle enthusiasts, industry professionals, and innovators from around the world to come together and explore the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

Our presence at Eurobike allowed us to not only unveil our rebranding efforts, which emphasize the importance of the human element in providing assistance, but also to highlight the expansion of our product beyond a digital medical ID. As our mission is to Help The Helpers, that means incorporating the tools necessary in an emergency. Such as alerting friends or rescuers, locating you quickly, and identifying who the person is. We were honored to have industry veterans such as Chris Sackett and Lance Ohrazda join us, along with Yngve Hjorth, a professional paramedic and friend.

Visitors to our booth experienced an immersive journey that embodied our mission of "Helping the Helpers" and "Helping is Human." Through our HTH technology, we empower bystanders to become helpers by equipping them with critical information in the event of an accident or emergency. By tapping the Twiceme symbol with a smartphone, users can alert others, share their location, and access critical information.

The response from attendees was very positive, with many expressing surprise at the potential of our technology. Its simplicity resonated with them, as they recognized its potential to create safer environments. The interest shown by industry professionals and visitors alike reaffirmed our belief in the power of helping others. Our commitment to enabling everyone to become a potential helper remains unwavering.

At the expo, we unveiled our latest line of products and features. These innovations ensure that crucial information is readily available to nearby individuals in case of an emergency. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for individuals to effectively assist others in need.

Throughout the event, we witnessed firsthand the positive impact of our new brand identity on attendees. The ability to instantly notify and empower those around an incapacitated individual was met with appreciation and excitement. We are humbled by the support and encouragement we received, as it validates our commitment to establishing a global standard in HTH technology.

Twiceme's journey began in 2017, fueled by collaborations with professional rescue teams worldwide. These partnerships have been invaluable in the development and refinement of our technology, ensuring its effectiveness and reliability. Additionally, they have allowed us to create one of the largest databases with local rescue features, providing users with immediate access to the appropriate authorities in various settings such as ski resorts and biking destinations.

Looking ahead, we are dedicated to expanding our presence in 2023 and beyond. Our primary focus is on raising awareness among end-users to ensure that every individual has the potential to be a helper. With the support of our partners, including professional ambulance driver Yngve, who joined us at the expo to share the importance of solutions like Twiceme, we have a strong foundation to build upon.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our supporters. Your trust and enthusiasm continue to inspire us to push boundaries and explore new possibilities. Together, we are forging a path toward a safer and more compassionate future.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Twiceme as we work towards establishing "Helping the Helpers" as a global standard. We are grateful to have you as part of our journey, and we couldn't have come this far without you.

Wishing you safety, compassion, and abundant opportunities to lend a helping hand.

With sincere gratitude,

The Twiceme team

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