Twiceme Launches New Digital Platform - Challenges the PPE & Helmet Industry to Rethink Safety

The platform, or the Help the Helpers (HTH) tool, still leverages the unique solution of integrated NFC tech in third-party protective equipment but the functionalities connected to the tech have been broadened from a medical ID to a more complete tool for helping.

Published on:
September 14, 2023
Updated on:
January 9, 2024

Stockholm – Sep 14, 2023 – Twiceme, a Swedish tech-ingredient in protective equipment, is presenting their new digital platform with the potential to change the way the industry approaches consumer safety.

Earlier this year, Oakley announced that their upcoming helmet range would feature enhanced safety through Twiceme's technology. Shortly after, at the 2023 Eurobike event, Twiceme unveiled its new brand and strategic direction. Now the ingredient brand is making good on their promise to deliver a fully fledged digital platform allowing users to help and wearers to be helped in case of an accident.

The platform, or the Help the Helpers (HTH) tool, still leverages the unique solution of integrated NFC tech in third-party protective equipment but the functionalities connected to the tech have been broadened from a medical ID to a more complete tool for helping. With features that guide users in an emergency by following the steps alert-locate-identify and a host of other features to help practitioners of sports and workers in their every-day life, Twiceme has begun the journey to provide a complete platform for helping.

"At Twiceme, we believe in the power of innovation to redefine safety. Our new Help the Helpers platform isn't just a new product - it’s a proven technology that is ready to scale for the benefit of everyone. And it’s here to stay. Together with our partners, we're already creating products where technology and compassion unite to protect and empower individuals.” says Jack Svensson, COO and Product Owner at Twiceme.

With its HTH-platform, Twiceme challenges the current status quo in the area of PPE innovation, which often limits new invention and product development efforts to material selection. The platform aims to meet a range of safety needs for the consumer. In addition to a strong selling point and safety story, Twiceme will soon be able to offer brands powerful data insights on usage of the equipment, which make a powerful competitive advantage and a way to ultimately make better products. Adding Twiceme’s HTH-technology as a digital layer in products, producers of protective equipment can take broader responsibility both before and after a potential accident. 

Since its inception in 2017, Twiceme has been pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for the PPE industry. Together with partners like POC, Oakley, Guardian and Salomon, they have challenged long-standing safety norms and shown the way for how technology strives to increase safety for end users. With the belief that helping is human, Twiceme has developed a groundbreaking technology that unites people around a global symbol, making it easier for people to help when needed.

More information on Twiceme's Help the Helpers (HTH) tool can be found at

About Twiceme.

Twiceme is a Swedish company, est. 2017, dedicated to turning bystanders into helpers all over the world. By embracing the philosophy that Helping is Human, we strive to inspire bystanders to act upon that most human of instincts – to help others. Our mission is to supply our Help the Helpers (HTH) Technology to all practitioners of sports and workers all over the planet, and to become the global standard that enables people everywhere to help. Join us on  

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