Twiceme Unveils Rebranding - Aims to Revolutionize PPE Market

Twiceme, the Swedish safety company focusing on helping individuals in emergency situations, is proud to unveil a refreshed brand identity. To drive market awareness and build on the notion that helping others in need is the most human thing to do, the rebranding puts human action in focus.

Published on:
June 1, 2023
Updated on:
January 17, 2024

Twiceme, the Swedish safety company focusing on helping individuals in emergency situations, is proud to unveil a refreshed brand identity. To drive market awareness and build on the notion that helping others in need is the most human thing to do, the rebranding puts human action in focus. Twiceme hopes this will speak to end-users and brands from a new perspective, spread awareness of the technology, and how it can bring together the beauty of technology and safety.

‘We've been thinking a lot lately about what drives us as a company. Why we do what we do and why there are never enough hours in the day. What we have come to understand is that our collective hatred of the feeling of helplessness is what drives us, and the act of helping unites us’, says Linnea Koistinen, Marketing Manager at Twiceme, and continues;

‘We are excited to unveil our new identity, which positions Twiceme as a leader of HTH technology in the industry. This strategic move reflects our commitment to driving market awareness for our groundbreaking technology. With our sharpened marketing position, we are confident that Twiceme will continue to redefine the future of protection and establish itself as the go-to solution for Help the Helpers tech.’

Twiceme turns bystanders into helpers. With Twiceme HTH-tech integration into safety gear like bike- ski- or work helmets means any bystander with a phone can help a wearer who has become incapacitated. Simply tapping the Twiceme symbol on the safety wear with any smartphone and within 10 seconds helpers can access and share with first responders all the information that they will need to administer the best possible treatment.

By positioning itself from a human centered perspective, Twiceme aims to tap into the human instinct of helping to drive awareness of its solution and expand its reach globally. With a renewed brand identity, Twiceme is poised to capture the attention of industry leaders, investors, and potential partners, propelling the company into the forefront of the industry.

On the project itself, Jonas Lembke from Innovation Chapel says; ’It was important that we extract the right DNA from the business rather than give them an identity made up in a design agency. We wanted consolidated expression to be an extension of what they are about as a team, as a company and most importantly, to better enable Twiceme to keep growing the reach of their amazing service to millions of sports people and workers across the globe’.

About Twiceme

Twiceme is a Swedish company, est. 2017, dedicated to turning bystanders into helpers all over the world. By embracing the philosophy that Helping is Human, we strive to inspire bystanders to act upon that most human of instincts – to help others. Our mission is to supply our Help the Helpers (HTH) Technology to all practitioners of sports and workers all over the planet, and to become the global standard that enables people everywhere to help. Join us on

About Innovation Chapel

Innovation Chapel is a Service & Product Design Studio. We help businesses get better outcomes by asking better questions. Learn more on

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