What is Twiceme? Everything you need to know.

What is Twiceme's HTH technology? In this article, we explore the history and function of Twiceme. From an idea to a globally recognized technology in partnership with world-leading brands like Oakley, Salomon, POC, and more.

Published on:
November 11, 2021
Updated on:
January 17, 2024

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Our mission at Twiceme is to empower all bystanders to become helpers through the awareness and adaptation of HTH (Help The Helpers) technology.

Twiceme Technology's mission statement

Why Twiceme exist

Helplessness is a dark and terrible state of mind. It goes against everything we are hardwired to do. From an early age we are natural helpers, brave problem solvers and big hearted empaths.

It was through witnessing helplessness on the battlefield that a pact was struck between friends. A promise to turn the helpless into helpers.

That promise has resulted in Twiceme – a young company focused on turning bystanders into helpers all over the world. Our battlefield may be building-sites, ski-slopes and mountain bike-trails but if you have ever experienced that feeling of helplessness, as a bystander of an accident, where someone becomes incapacitated then you know what drives us every day.

What is Twiceme?

Twiceme Help the Helpers (HTH) technology gives bystanders the information they need to help someone who has become incapacitated in an accident. This buys them and the wearer critical time. All without the need to unlock the wearer’s phone or even having network access. Tap the Twiceme symbol with a smartphone to alert, relay location and access critical information uploaded by the wearer.

How we define HTH technology

When you're in an emergency, knowing what to do and having the right tools to do those things is crucial. That's why Twiceme works closely with our rescue partners to understand the process of helping an incapacitated person, or someone in need of assistance. We want to ensure anyone can become a potential helper, and not feel helpless.

Our research has resulted in a product that solves three main areas in a rescue process:


The first thing you'll do when helping a person is make sure their situation is stable. The next thing you'll do is try to contact the right person or organisation. This can differ depending on the circumstances. Sometimes you want to contact local or national emergency personnel, otherwise the person's ICE contacts. Sometimes, you want your friends in the are to come to you.

That's why Twiceme allows for numerous possibillites of alerting the right person. For example

  • If you're in a local rescue area, such as a bike or ski destination where there are local patrollers, you can immediately contact the local rescuers. We've rolled this out to 130+ rescue destinations around the world. Download the app to see if your destination is there.
  • If you want to alert an incapacitated person's ICE contacts, you can do so as well in Twiceme. Simply scan the Twiceme symbol on the equipment and access the uploaded information by the wearer. There you'll find ICE contacts as well.
  • If the person isn't unresponsive, and wants to alert his or her own friends, they can do so as well through Friends alert.
  • If you're going out alone on adventures, use Get Back Timer to relay geolocation data to emergency contacts if you're not back at the predetermined place before the time runs out.
  • Automatic alert (coming soon).


The next step is to locate where you are. This is crucial to ensure the rescue process goes as fast as possible and that the person receives help. Through the Twiceme app, you can immediately get the coordinates of your position and relay that to either rescuers, ICE contacts of the wearer or others.


The most sought-after features rescuers have asked us since day one is - we need to know more about an incapacitated person. There hasn't existed a global solution to help quickly understand who the person is and what might be the best way forward to help that person. This can result in lost time, valuable time.

Through Twiceme, you can simply scan the uploaded information by the wearer by holding your smartphone over the Twiceme symbol and access the locally stored information. And this works on a global level, because it's based on NFC and doesn't require internet connection.

Psst! Worried about privacy issues? Don't be. The information uploaded by the wearer is completely free to choose how much or little you want to share. Plus, the information is locally stored in the equipment and not in any database or cloud storage. It's unhackable, and when someone access your safety information, they can't store it either. It's presented only locally in the phone, either through the browser (still locally) or on the app. See more answers here.

Get involved in the movement - become a helper

The best and easiest way to explore Twiceme is to download the app and explore it. By understanding how to take action in an emergency, you are a potential helper who can do the most human thing of all - lend a helping hand.

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