Enhancing Emergency Preparedness with PPE-Integrated Medical ID

In emergency situations, quick identification and response are crucial. However, identifying injured workers and understanding their medical needs can be challenging without proper identification tools. Delays in identifying individuals and providing appropriate care can lead to increased mortality rates, prolonged recovery times, and significant costs for companies due to Days Away from Work (DAW). The traditional use of medical ID stickers is not only costly but also often ineffective in emergencies.

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Statistics you should care about


Potential savings per worker by lowering the number of incidents at sites


Reduction in injury claims at sites with regular inspections


Savings for every $1 spent on preventative safety measures

Christian Connolly
CEO, Twiceme
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COO, Twiceme
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Product designer, Twiceme

Imagine a construction site where a worker is injured and unconscious. During the emergency response, bystanders struggle to find out exact address or location, and take time to identify the individual and obtain critical medical information. Without accurate location and comprehensive personal and medical information, valuable time is lost, increasing the risk of health complications. Studies show that saving time in emergencies reduces mortality rates. Saving time by getting quick access to information can therefore improve outcomes  but traditional methods fall short in providing this critical information efficiently.

In another scenario, a worker with a severe allergy or medical condition might not have an easily accessible medical ID, leading to delays in administering the necessary treatment. The lack of immediate access to medical information can result in incorrect or delayed medical care, potentially worsening the worker's condition.


The solution to these challenges lies in utilizing a digital, easily accessible medical ID. A robust medical ID solution can store critical health information digitally, providing instant access to emergency responders. This not only speeds up identification but also ensures that the right medical care is provided promptly.

Digitizing medical IDs also reduces the cost associated with traditional medical ID stickers and ensures that information can easily be kept up-to-date and accessible. By increasing emergency preparedness and decreasing response times, companies could improve safety outcomes and reduce the overall costs associated with workplace injuries. 

Twiceme as a Solution

Twiceme Technology offers an advanced Medical ID system that revolutionizes emergency preparedness on construction sites. Here’s how Twiceme’s Medical ID technology addresses the key challenges:

  1. Digital Medical Records: Twiceme securely stores medical information, providing instant access to emergency responders. Correct information at the right time can speed up emergency response times according to medical professionals. 
  2. Securely stored information: With Twiceme, all medical and personal information is consented by employees and stored completely offline making it impossible for information to leak from any database. All information is decentralized and stored locally in each worker's equipment. 
  3. Cost Savings: Twiceme eliminates the need for traditional medical ID stickers, or paper documentation, reducing costs for companies. The digital platform simplifies the process of updating medical information, providing a more efficient solution.
  4. Enhanced Safety and Preparedness: By integrating Twiceme’s Medical ID, companies can increase their emergency preparedness. The technology enables bystanders to quickly alert first responders, send location and relay important personal information to medical professionals. 
  5. Adopted from Sports to Construction: Twiceme is a widely supported solution in the sports industry. Leveraging the knowledge from action sports Twiceme aims to provide workers with the same level of protection. This adoption signifies a commitment and investment in building a culture of safety. 

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Enhance your construction site’s emergency preparedness with Twiceme’s Medical ID technology. By digitizing critical medical information, you can ensure quicker identification and response times in emergencies, improving safety outcomes and reducing costs.

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