POC OBEX BC with MIPS and twICEme comparison

Nov 1, 2021

This season POC is pulling out all the stops in order to make the safest backcountry helmet possible. In this article, we’ll explore the updated version of the Obex Backcountry (BC) helmet from POC.

The ultimate POC Obex comparison

Intro to the Obex

The Obex BC was first released in 2019 and quickly became a top choice for the adventuring skier. The Obex BC with its sister models Obex and Obex pure have since been updated in different color ways and with updates to the safety technology. When choosing the ultimate helmet for the coming ski season it is a good idea to think about what is important to you and what your riding style is.

You should never cut back on cost when it comes to safety but some people are by nature more careful and might feel that a allround stable choice will protect them plenty good. We'll let you be the judge of what you feel is the best fit and get on with the comparison shall we?

The Obex helmet from POC comes in three different versions: 


The difference between the three OBEX versions is the level of safety technology.

Obex Pure

Starting with the Obex Pure, it is the most straightforward of the three. A stylish and solid helmet for a reasonable price. If safety is a priority but you are not the person to go look for the latest off-piste route. This helmet is a standard (but still really good) choice.


Secondly, the Obex MIPS version contains the newest addition of tech: MIPS®. POC's helmets have not featured the technology until really recently and the new Obex contains it! The MIPS technology is inspired by the human brain and mimics the brain’s own way of protecting itself. It does so by giving the MIPS-equipped helmet its own low-friction layer between the helmet and the head.

According to MIPS®, this can protect your head from so-called angled or rotational impacts that are said to be linked to head injuries. This should make the helmet better equipped to take all types of impacts. Therefore, it should suit the kind of skier with a bit more experience that wants to add that bit of extra protection for their adventures.

The "AVIP" colorway
The "Argonite Brown" colorway


Lastly, the best seller Obex BC MIPS is the full package when it comes to safety. And not to such a high cost considering the contents of it. The BC version contains all the bells and whistles with the addition of twICEme® and RECCO® to the already fully specced previous versions of Obex.

Let's start with RECCO. RECCO® can help you to be found if you get lost on the mountain. This tech has been around for a while and can help rescuers during search and rescue missions. The tech is integrated into the helmet and sends back a signal to rescuers if they are out looking for a person on the mountain. Please note that the ski patrollers of the destination need to be equipped with the RECCO® reflectors to take advantage of the technology.

Secondly, twICEme® makes it possible to store important safety information in the helmet. This info can be of great importance in case of emergency. The company says that the safety information has been requested by some of the most well decorated rescuers out there in order to make sure that the information that you can provide is relevant. The information that is requested by rescue professionals is for example: personal identification, nationality, any relevant medical info,  insurance info and more.

The technology is also developed in consultation with the world’s leading brands and together with rescue professionals across the world and makes all this relevant info available if something was to happen by tapping your smartphone on the twICEme® functional symbol. 

All in all this is the top of the range helmet when it comes to safety features. This makes it a great pick for the more adventurous skiers or just the person that wants that added feeling of safety.

If you are interested to learn more about the added safety of these helmets, go read more on POC’s website here.

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