Twiceme and Zero Height Safety Join Forces for Safer PPE

We are excited to announce the partnership with Zero Height Safety, a part of PBI Height Safety, a global producer and distributor of the highest quality PPE. Through the partnership, this global brand has created a well-rounded helmet for height safety.

Published on:
March 29, 2021
Updated on:
January 19, 2024

A new partnership has been signed between Twiceme Technology and Zero Height Safety. In their efforts to achieve safer working environments for people, the partnership with Zero Height Safety adds to the growing list of brands that innovate to bring the safest equipment to the end-users.

  • Twiceme Technology och Zero Height Safety have initiated a partnership for safety helmets and fall protection harnesses for the global market
  • The collaboration is the continuation of a global expansion for Twiceme Technology within the professional safety segment (construction and heavy industry)
  • The digital solution can contribute to a more efficient emergency response in the event of an accident

Stockholm, Sweden. The Swedish company Twiceme Technology today announced an initiated partnership with the innovative New Zeeland equipment producer Zero Height Safety, which is a part of the group PBI Height Safety. The aim of the partnership is to increase the level of safety for workers within construction and heavy industry globally through Twiceme integrated technology for accessible vital information in safety helmets and harnesses. The collaboration is the result of the increasing awareness globally of the importance of safety measures within construction and industry, and will take effect immediately with the aim to bring a new generation of products to market in 2021.

“Our goal is to create a global standard for access to vital information in order to contribute to safer workplaces for people. This partnership with Zero Height Safety further confirms the large interest in implementing digital safety measures within construction and heavy industry on a global scale”

says Christian Connolly, CEO of Twiceme Technology.

Twiceme Technology has previously initiated partnerships with innovative brands such as the Scandinavian frontrunner Guardio Safety, the American brand STUDSON and the European innovator Fall Safe in order to drive a change towards safer workplaces. The collaborations, resulting in highly innovative products, have been praised by the industry and have gained international recognition.

The pressure to increase safety within construction and industry is mounting by the day in response to the high risk involved. As an example, in the USA, during 2018 one out of five workplace related deaths occured on construction sites. Meanwhile, implementation of safety and prevention programs cost 2,5% on average of the total project cost while injuries accounted for around 6-9% of project costs.

“With increased pressure on the performance of teams who operate in challenging worksites in all types of weather, ZERO is laser-focussed on creating smart, protective equipment that leverages technology and innovation to improve the safety of our skilled workers. With safety and health at the forefront, Twiceme responds perfectly with this vision, and we are very excited to be releasing ZERO product integrations over the coming months.”

- Gavin How, Head of strategic growth at ZERO Height Safety.

About Twiceme Technology

With this launch, the Swedish company Twiceme Technology wants to contribute to increasing the level of safety on construction sites across the world and create a momentum that will build the global standard for accessible vital information. In achieving their goal, safer workplaces can be achieved for people.

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