Twiceme vs. ICE Stickers in the Construction Industry

In this article, we examine why stickers are put on safety helmets, delve into the details of ICE stickers and present an innovative alternative - Twiceme's HTH technology. We explore the potential benefits offered by Twiceme and stress the importance of it the construction industry.

Published on:
November 24, 2023
Updated on:
January 8, 2024

Given the dynamic and risk-prone nature of the construction industry, the importance of effective emergency communication cannot be overstated. The debate about the use of stickers on hard hats, particularly the traditional ICE (In Case of Emergency) stickers, is a long-standing one. In this article, we examine why stickers are put on safety helmets, delve into the details of ICE stickers and present an innovative alternative - Twiceme's HTH technology. We explore the potential benefits offered by Twiceme and stress the importance of the construction industry adopting digital solutions.

Let's acknowledge the reality – workplaces pose inherent risks. For this reason alone, employers are responsible for keeping their employees safe from dangerous situations. To protect construction workers from potential dangers like impacts, falling objects, or electrical shocks, OSHA mandates the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), including hard hats.

ICE-Stickers on Hard hats

Is it OK to attach stickers to hard hats?

While it's a common practice, it's crucial to follow safety guidelines, especially those outlined by OSHA. According to OSHA, adhesive stickers can be applied if authorized by the manufacturer or if the employer demonstrates that the helmet's reliability is unaffected. Stickers should not hinder defect identification, and specific guidelines include avoiding the covering of helmet damage and placing stickers at least three-quarters of an inch from the helmet's edge.

Maintaining the integrity of your hard hat is vital for on-site safety. Hard hats have expiration dates, and exposure to sun, extreme temperatures, and daily use can reduce their lifespan. If a hard hat is dropped from over eight to ten feet or experiences a heavy impact, immediate replacement is necessary. Regularly inspect the hard hat for signs of damage.

When applying stickers, ensure they don't cover existing cracks or damage to the helmet's shell. Prompt identification of compromised integrity is essential for timely replacement. Balancing personalization with safety is crucial, especially in the construction industry.

What is an ICE sticker?

ICE stickers, or In Case of Emergency stickers, have been a traditional solution for conveying critical information in the event of an accident. Typically affixed to hardhats, these stickers provide essential details such as emergency contacts and medical information, aiding first responders in making informed decisions swiftly.

What is the ICE in case of an emergency sticker?

An ICE sticker is a label containing vital information that can assist emergency personnel when immediate medical attention is required. These stickers typically display information such as the wearer's name, emergency contacts, allergies, and any pertinent medical conditions. The ICE sticker serves as a quick reference point, providing crucial data during high-stress situations.

How do you get stickers to stick to hard hats?

Properly applying stickers to hardhats is essential to ensure they remain securely attached. Clean the surface thoroughly, choose high-quality stickers designed for industrial use, and consider using adhesives specifically formulated for hardhat materials. Taking these precautions helps stickers withstand the harsh conditions often faced in construction environments. Here you can find a full guide on stickers.

Construction worker wearing a hard hat
Hard hat with ICE-stickers

Twiceme HTH-Technology

What is Twiceme?

Twiceme introduces a digital approach to emergency communication with its HTH (Help the Helpers) technology. Unlike ICE stickers, Twiceme's digital solution offers a dynamic platform for storing and accessing a wide range of important information such as allergies, pre-existing medical conditions, numbers to loved ones and more.

Twiceme lets you upload your Medical ID to your gear, enabling bystanders and responders to access your medical information by tapping the Twiceme symbol with a smartphone, with or without the Twiceme app. In case of an accident, it is crucial for first responders, colleagues or safety managers to access important information about you to save time and make the rescue process smoother. 

How do I know if the equipment features Twiceme?

Twiceme integrates its NFC (Near Field Communication)-based hardware into protective equipment such as jackets, helmets and harnesses. Clearly marked with Twiceme's unique symbol, the technology is featured on equipment from the world's leading producers of PPE, such as Studson, Zero, Guardian, Guardio, FallSafe with more coming.

To ensure that the symbol is easily located, Twiceme is primarily positioned on equipment from the chest upwards. This placement aims to facilitate quick identification for individuals assisting someone in a stressful situation.

Guardio armet helmet with Twiceme mark, green dot
Guardian B7 harness trade show

Twiceme: The Future Replacement for ICE Stickers on Hard Hats

In the changing world of workplace safety, Twiceme is seen as a new option to replace the usual ICE Stickers on hard hats. With improved features, cost-effectiveness, and a flexible way of handling information, Twiceme offers a simpler and more modern approach to safety. Here we list the benefits of replacing ICE Stickers with PPE equipped with Twiceme's HTH-Tech.

Saving Money Through Digitalization.

Acknowledging the economic advantages of Twiceme, large contractors are veering away from traditional ICE stickers, which often incur substantial annual costs. Companies report expenses in the thousands due to the frequent need for sticker replacements. Twiceme, available as a one-time cost integrated into the price of helmets or safety equipment, proves to be a more cost-effective solution, saving businesses money in the long run.

Enhanced information.

Twiceme transcends the limitations of traditional stickers by enabling users to upload comprehensive medical information directly to their gear. This encompasses details such as allergies, pre-existing medical conditions, emergency contacts, insurance information, and more. In the event of an emergency, colleagues and responders can access this critical information by simply tapping the Twiceme symbol with a smartphone, providing a more detailed and adaptable solution.

More Safety Features Than ICE Stickers Offer.

Twiceme stands out as a technology that prioritizes user safety both before and after an incident. Offering a comprehensive solution, Twiceme goes beyond the capabilities of traditional ICE stickers. In addition to medical information, Twiceme provides in-app features for tracking the lifespan of helmets and safety harnesses, ensuring timely replacements for optimal protection.

Dynamic Info - Easy Updates.

Twiceme's dynamic information system allows for quick and easy updates, setting it apart from the often cumbersome nature of traditional stickers. Users can promptly update information, ensuring that data is always current and relevant to their safety needs.

Privacy and Security.

Concerned about data security? Accessing information stored on Twiceme's hardware is a secure process that requires the person reading it to hold their phone just above the Twiceme symbol. All information remains under the user's control, invisible to employers and third parties unless accessed at close proximity. Users have full autonomy over the amount of information stored in their helmet and can delete data at their discretion, providing a heightened sense of privacy.

Time for the Construction Industry to Innovate

Twiceme represents a clarion call for innovation in the construction industry. In an era where technology is advancing rapidly, adopting digital solutions like Twiceme is not merely an option but a necessity for staying ahead in a competitive and safety-focused landscape. The fast-paced and dynamic nature of the construction industry makes it ripe for digitization. Twiceme not only enhances efficiency by tracking equipment and ensuring critical information is readily available but also fosters a safer work culture, eliminating barriers for individuals to assist in the event of an accident. The result is a workplace that is both safer and more productive.


In the ongoing debate between traditional ICE stickers and innovative solutions like Twiceme's HTH-technology, the construction industry finds itself at a crossroads. While stickers on hardhats have been a longstanding practice, the limitations are becoming increasingly apparent. Twiceme emerges as a frontrunner, allowing users to upload their Medical ID to their gear, providing a comprehensive and digitized approach to workplace safety. As the construction industry evolves, embracing technologies like Twiceme becomes not just a choice but a necessity for ensuring the well-being of every worker on the site. It's time to step into the future of workplace safety with Twiceme.

Twiceme HTH is available in this Protective Equipment for construction workers:

  • Hard Hats and Helmets
  • Tool belts, Tool Vests
  • Harnesses
  • Industrial jackets
STUDSON SHK-1 Full-Brim ANSI Type II Safety Helme
Guardian B7 Safety Harness
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