Yngve Hjorth: A Pillar in Prehospital Care and Twiceme Ambassador

Explore Yngve Hjorth's 40-year healthcare journey and Twiceme ambassadorship. From geriatric care to ambulance services, his insights drive Twiceme's evolution. Learn how this technology enhances prehospital trauma care, providing vital information swiftly.

Published on:
December 14, 2023
Updated on:
January 8, 2024

Yngve Hjorth isn't just a seasoned healthcare professional; he's a valued ambassador for Twiceme, providing invaluable insights throughout our technology's developmental journey. With over 40 years of experience in healthcare, Yngve has witnessed the evolution of prehospital care and the transformative impact of Twiceme. In this exclusive reflection, Yngve shares his personal and professional experiences, highlighting the critical role Twiceme plays in enhancing accessibility to vital information during emergency situations. Explore the intersection of a lifelong healthcare journey and the technological advancements that are shaping the future of emergency response.

Ambassador for Twiceme

Yngve Hjorth, a seasoned specialist nurse in ambulance care, celebrated his 60th birthday this September. Over the past 6 years, Yngve has played a crucial role in the development of care strategies for Region Stockholm's prehospital KTC and has emerged as an invaluable part of Twiceme's transformative journey.

Hailing from Hagsätra, a Stockholm suburb, amid the flower power and punk era, Yngve's childhood was shaped by the tunes of Ebba Grön from neighboring Rågsved. His healthcare career since 1981 spans geriatric care, intensive care, and anesthesia, with a significant focus on ambulance services. Yngve's wealth of experience positions him as a respected figure in the healthcare landscape.

In 2019, during a FLISA conference in Karlstad, Yngve encountered Christian Connolly and Jack Svensson, introducing him to Twiceme. The technology, initially focused on retrieving critical, time-saving information, captured Yngve's attention due to its potential to simplify pre-hospital trauma situations. Ever since, Yngve's involvement has been instrumental in Twiceme's substantial evolution, integrating control and map functions, and addressing gaps in various rescue scenarios.

Twiceme's Evolution and Impact on Prehospital Care

Twiceme's journey, spurred by Yngve's insight, has evolved from a platform retrieving vital information to a comprehensive tool. With added control and map functions, it now seamlessly integrates into prehospital care, providing critical assistance.

Twiceme's features, including positioning and alarm functions, play a crucial role in prehospital trauma situations, aiding informed decision-making during treatment. Yngve's extensive experience underscores Twiceme's pivotal role in prehospital trauma care. Access to critical information about an individual's health history streamlines decision-making, effectively balancing actions and priorities during treatment.

"In the prehospital setting, approaching an individual unable to speak for themselves to provide their medical history, wearing the Twiceme symbol, allows me to obtain vital information during care. This aids in understanding considerations based on the person's health history, proving decisive in balancing measures and priorities in victim care. A crucial step is ensuring that Twiceme's identification criteria match the injured person I'm caring for. Accessible health background information is of paramount importance in the prehospital setting, providing a clear advantage. Additionally, other information from Twiceme, such as ICE contacts, adds value in these critical situations," shared Yngve in an interview with Twiceme.

When caring for a trauma victim, a structured approach, L-ABCDE, is followed to examine the patient. The initial focus is ensuring the safety of the environment, addressing immediate life-threatening conditions, including checking for emergency bleeding, ensuring a clear airway, assessing breathing, checking pulse, and recording the patient's level of consciousness. Yngve emphasizes the importance of following this structured approach, stating, 'In the initial care by a private individual, it is crucial to adhere to the L-ABCDE sequence. Twiceme information retrieval is postponed until after completing the entire sequence. In cases with multiple helpers, the L-ABC sequence is completed, ensuring the maintenance of vital functions before Twiceme information is retrieved."

While emphasizing the importance of verifying Twiceme's identification criteria, Yngve highlights its role in providing not only health information about a patient but also additional details like ICE contacts.

In Conclusion: Yngve Hjorth's Vision for Twiceme

In summary, Yngve Hjorth's support for Twiceme reflects a dedicated effort to improve prehospital care and advance emergency response systems. He sees Twiceme's potential in various societal areas, enhancing accessibility and support in different rescue situations.

What is Twiceme?

Twiceme is a technology that protects users before and after an incident. Twiceme lets you upload your Medical ID to your gear, enabling bystanders and responders to access your medical information by tapping the Twiceme symbol with a smartphone. In case of an accident, it is crucial for first responders to access important information about you to save time and make the rescue process smoother.
Download the Twiceme app to explore all features specifically designed to protect users before and after an incident.

How do I know if the equipment features Twiceme?

Twiceme integrates its NFC (Near Field Communication)-based hardware into protective equipment such as jackets, helmets and harnesses. Clearly marked with Twiceme's unique symbol, the technology is featured on equipment from the world's leading equipment producers in sports (Oakley, POC, Salomon, Mammut etc) and construction (Guardian, Studson, FallSafe, Guardio, Schuberth).

To ensure that the symbol is easily located, Twiceme is primarily positioned on equipment from the chest upwards. This placement aims to facilitate quick identification for individuals assisting someone in a stressful situation.

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Yngve Hjorth: A Pillar in Prehospital Care and Twiceme Ambassador

Explore Yngve Hjorth's 40-year healthcare journey and Twiceme ambassadorship. From geriatric care to ambulance services, his insights drive Twiceme's evolution. Learn how this technology enhances prehospital trauma care, providing vital information swiftly.
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