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What’s the Best Construction Safety Helmet in 2022?


There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing a safety helmet. What do different features do? What is the difference between a safety helmet and a hard hat? We figured we would curate a list with some of the best safety helmets on the market right now! As well as providing insight into the differences you expect to see in a safety helmet versus a hard hat and what features to look out for when choosing a helmet.

What’s the Best Construction Safety Helmet in 2022?

A construction site is dangerous for workers in terms of risks. Construction-related non-fatal accidents reached as high as 174 000 in the USA alone in 2020. Moreover, fatal injuries reached a little over 1 000 incidents, significantly higher than any other industry.

As a result, safety is a major priority for anyone working or dealing in the construction industry. You have to ensure the right protection for yourself or your workers to safeguard their lives.

However, not all construction safety helmets are capable of protecting your head efficiently. You need to look for a reliable product that complies with rigid safety standards and comes with advanced features. For example, some helmets have integrated Koroyd, MIPS, twICEme®, or other ingredient brands that can help if and when an accident happens.

The task of finding the best construction helmet may turn out to be more challenging than you think due to the endless availability of brands. Therefore, we’ve handpicked what we think are some of the best construction safety helmets for 2022.

The Top Construction Safety Helmet Picks in 2022

To make sure we’re on the same page. Here are some definitions and differentiations between products:

We will go into a comparison of some of the best construction safety helmets on the market and provide you with some important details to make an informed choice. So, let’s start with one of the best safety helmets you may use for your construction workforce.

Note: No personal protective equipment can ever save you if the impact is hard enough. The most important thing to remember is to always focus on safety in the workplace and never put yourself at risk in the first place. Rigid processes and high safety standards in the environment will protect more than equipment ever can.

With that being said, if something were to happen, you might be happy that you chose a higher-end safety helmet to protect you.

1. SHK-1 Vented by Studson

SHK-1 Vented is one of the most innovative construction safety helmets in 2022. It is built to withstand industry-grade impact and Studson decided to give it all in this helmet. The safety helmet combines the engineering of gravity sports into the construction for optimum safety.

In addition, the protective gear sports a plethora of features to emerge as a top choice for construction workers.

What Makes SHK-1 Vented Stand Out

SHK-1 Vented carries forward the hard-hat concept popular in the construction industry. Yet, it takes the proven concept many steps further with integrated safety engineering.

Along with that, the helmet has many unique design elements that make it one of the safest. For example, SHK-1 comes with Koroyd's welded tubes. Koroyd helps the helmet absorb forces in an impact better than a traditional hard hat.

SHK-1 also incorporates safety features provided by twICEme® to facilitate rescue. It has an inbuilt chip that stores personal identification and medical information about the wearer, which is stored locally into the equipment and can be accessed by coworkers or rescue personnel at the site. 

If anyone is injured and needs medical aid, twICEme® can provide the right information about the person at the right time, which can streamline a rescue operation.

Additional Perks of SHK-1 Vented

Countless factors may make SHK-1 a worthy choice. It is tough and protects your head more than classical hard hat helmets.

Additionally, you get protection for your ears and eyes. The helmet is designed to ward off rain and sun and keep your hair dry and head cool. This is partly because of the design and partly from the Koroyd tubes.

2. Guardio Armet

Guardio Armet is another excellent consideration for safety helmets. It is specially made for industrial applications and perfect for use by construction workers.

Several reasons that put Guardio Armet ahead of other construction safety helmets. One of the main reasons is the MIPS technology that protects your brain from rotational forces.

The liner absorbs most of the impact so that injuries should be less severe in the case of an impact. 

Safety Features of Guardio Armet

It contains several additional features to keep you safe at your workplace. For example,

Along with that, Guardio Armet has integrated slots to mount your hearing protection. That can allow for less damage to the eardrums if the workplace is especially noisy.

What makes the Guardio Armet stand out?

Guardio Armet is a great choice if you are looking for a tough industrial helmet. It has many of the recommendable features you want in reliable protective equipment.

twICEme® is integrated into the helmet for storing safety information, contact details, and equipment information. 

Moreover, you have enough ventilation to keep cool on sunny days. The helmet is also available with a warranty of 3 years for more assurance.

3. Uvex Pheos S-KR Safety Helmet

Uvex Pheos S-KR Safety Helmet in blue

Some people want to keep things simple while deriving the most value. For them, Uvex Pheos S-KR can be a fitting and affordable choice.

This helmet is a traditional construction safety helmet.

Why should you give Uvex Pheos S-KR your consideration?

Uvex Pheos S-KR Safety Helmet Features and Perks

Why should you Buy the Uvex Pheos S-KR?

Uvex Pheos S-KR is one of the lightest construction helmets you will come across. You can wear it in comfort around the year and in varied working conditions.

The helmet carries forward the legacy of hard hats and is perfect for regular usage. Additionally, it meets international standards for safety.

The helmet is made in Germany and sports the trademark quality of the region. You can be sure it’s made with quality in mind.

So, S-KR may be a good choice for your construction workers to ensure their safety.

4. Skullerz 8975-MIPS Safety Helmet

Skullerz 8975-MIPS Safety Helmet in white

As the name suggests, Skullerz 8975 is equipped with MIPS. It is designed to protect you from rotational impacts to reduce injuries.

This safety helmet comes from Skullerz, a brand known for its quality. It manufactures some of the best construction safety helmets in the world and is a great consideration for 2022.

What Sets Skullerz 8975-MIPS Apart from Others

Skullerz 8975 is a Class C hard hat. It means the OSHA recognizes the helmet as a reliable protective gear for working at construction sites.

Why should you Buy the Skullerz 8975-MIPS?

Skullerz 8975-MIPS may be a good selection if you want comfort and have safety in mind. It meets several strict international standards and gives you a little less to worry about in terms of safety.

Moreover, you have the confidence of MIPS to reduce rotational forces. You also get a chin strap to secure your helmet in place and protect yourself from unexpected impacts.

Along with that, it has a removable and breathable sweatband that you can wash separately. The helmet also ensures enough ventilation so that you don’t have to sweat out in the heat.

5. Zero Pinnacle Zertec

ZERO Pinnacle Zertec with twICEme in white

The Pinnacle Zertec by ZERO is the latest release out of our selection. Designed for industrial, construction, arborist and abseil/rappelling use. Furthermore, the helmet is designed for wear in extreme temperatures from -40C to 50C.

Like the SKH–1 Vented, the Pinnacle Zertec also integrates Koroyd’s direct & angled impact protection control system which allows the helmet to absorb maximum force in a controlled manner, minimizing energy transferred to your head. It also has integrated twICEme which allows the helmet to store safety information, contact details, and equipment information, available by tapping the symbol with a smartphone. 

ZERO has made a helmet perfect for working at a height. With Koroyd's integrated and a multi-impact test construction, this makes the Pinnacle Zertec among the greatest helmets to wear when suspended or repelling.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best construction safety helmet can get confusing. You may not be sure what to purchase as it’s easy to get lost in the features and specs.

The most important part is to actually wear protective equipment. Step two is to make sure that your workers have the best equipment out there since working in this industry comes with its risks.


What is MIPS?

Multi-directional Impact Protection System or MIPS helmets are designed to lower rotational forces that might cause injury. It’s proven to reduce rotational forces compared to regular construction safety helmets. This can be of value should you fall on the construction site and hit your head or in case of you being hit by a falling or moving object. 

What is the use of twICEme technology?

twICEme® makes safety helmets smart. With twICEme in your helmet, safety info such as medical ID, insurance details, and phone numbers to loved ones can be made available to people around you - by the tap of a smartphone. Safety info is requested by experienced rescue professionals worldwide, to make emergency responses smoother. Feel safer at work knowing that with twICEme, your co-workers can take action faster if something were to happen.

more about twICEme

What is the most common type of helmet used in construction?

Most construction workers use a hard hat to protect their skulls. However, you can now buy advanced construction safety helmets with features like MIPS and twICEme. They are safer and facilitate rescue operations and for a better chance of recovery.

Additionally, construction helmets should comply with established safety standards.

Is it necessary to use a safety helmet in construction?

Construction workers regularly experience workplace accidents and injuries. They are also one of the leading occupations to experience workplace fatalities. 

As a result, safety gear is essential for anyone working in construction. So, it is strongly recommended by most safety professionals to use a construction safety helmet to protect your head. 

For more info about safety helmets, check out our comprehensive buying guide!

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